When you buy something from a woodworker, you're buying something more than an object.  You're buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation.  
You're buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy.  You're not buying just a thing, you're buying a piece of a heart,  a lot of love and a small piece of someone's else's life.  
Every piece I make is truly a work of art.

I can build almost any kind of furniture.  Hardwood is my wood of choice, because of the beauty of the grain. Need something to fit in a certain space?...projects will be planned to your specific dimensions and style.

Here in the mountains, we have available live edge wood that can make some really beautiful pieces of art.  My passion, right now, is making live edge coffee tables.  I also enjoy building simple games like Cornhole and making beautiful end grain cutting boards and charcuterie boards using the very best of materials and an attention to detail.


Every step of the way, I will send you images of the progress and gather your input to assure complete satisfaction.


If you have a piece of furniture that needs a "re-do", is too low or too high or is needing repairs, I can usually make the adjustments. If you want a new fireplace mantle or to add a entertainment center to your living room, I can do it.


I love working with live edge pieces of wood, making counters, desks and tables.  Need a re-do of your bedroom closet?  A computer work area in your office?


I will make adjustments to any job until you are completely satisfied, and I guarantee my work.  If you ever have a problem down the road with anything I built,  I will take care of questions asked.


I will take on some minor renovation jobs that the big builders consider too small to bother with.  We can discuss the scope of my work depending on the job.