Christmas presents for family!


My first batch of Charcuterie boards. These have been very popular.  Still building out orders after a month!  $250 each


This client asked me to change her queen sized bed into a king.  It was a very challenging job. The hardest part was getting the stain to match the color.  Many thanks to my good friend, Doug Ramsay, for showing me how to mix's an art..


This was a larger opening for a very old TV.  I put in two shelves and added matching doors to the other side of the fireplace.  Another staining job that was very difficult...and another thanks to Doug Ramsay!


Just finished my first epoxy river coffee table!


This was right after I did the pour.  Now to wait three days before I break it out of the mold.  The green tarp underneath was just in case it leaked out from the mold.  It's almost the same color as the epoxy...

The epoxy kind of gets a mind of it's own and decides what designs it will form.  You just have to wait and see what it will finally look like.

Here it is out  the mold!  Still need to run the router sled over both sides to level it all out.  Looking good! The look of the epoxy "river" changed again...


Constructed with Granadillo wood...the "wood that sings", from Costa Rica and green epoxy.  Finished with Odies Oil.

Here is the finished product!  This table is still available for sale!  Only $1,000.  Will make a great Christmas present!


I can make larger or smaller tables as a special order!