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Marty Barger

I'm a retired car dealer from Kailua Kona Hawaii.  My Father is a retired high school wood shop teacher from Lancaster Pennslvania, so I've been around woodworking my entire life.  As a young lad, I worked hand in hand with my Dad in his shop and grew to love the simplicity of woodworking.  I really love working with wood, and particularly making custom furniture, cabinets and entertainment centers.

My wife and I retired a few years ago, left Hawaii and moved to the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.  I quickly rediscovered my love of woodworking and have been enjoying creating projects for friends and neighbors.

My Workshop

I have a small workshop in my two car garage that I share with a golf cart.  It's my happy place.


The challenge of trying new things is what inspires me.  I'll spend hours trying to get something just right... smiling all the time. With my investment in tools and equipment, I can take on almost every small job and enjoy solving problems.  


I'm not interested in large projects because I still enjoy playing tennis and golf weekly, and quite frankly, don't have the space or want the aggravation.  


I will devote the time and energy needed to complete any project I take on in the time frame we discussed at the beginning of the project.  I'll do what it takes to live up to my word.

Professional Approach

Like many of you, I've been frustrated with local craftsmen who fail to communicate with their clients.  


My strength is communication.  I will communicate effectively every step of the way.  I can involve you as much as you want involved, and I actually return phone calls and emails...the same day.  


I approach pricing based upon the cost of the materials, skill level and time involved.  If the job is over my head...I'll tell you.

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